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FREE pair of Samurai Insoles Ninja Orthotics*
(A $28.99 Value!)
No Shipping Charges | No Hidden Fees | No Credit Card Required
* Conditions Apply:
Limited to one free pair of orthotics per Amazon account per household
The offer is only available for customers that purchased Samurai Insoles at full price through our website at or our official retailer at
To qualify, participants agree to send us their experience with Samurai Insoles that they have been actively using for at least 10 days.
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Please provide the email address you used to place the order on our website or on
We will never share your personal information with anyone.
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Get Your Samurai Insoles Ninja Orthotics In 3 Simple Steps:
Fill out the online form.
The first step to receive your FREE Ninja Orthotics is to complete the form on this page. The offer is valid only for customers that bought Samurai Insoles at full price through our official seller at
Share your experience.
After filling the form we will ask you 2 or 3 questions about your experience with our Samurai Insoles. Sharing your experience will help other customers make a better purchase decision.
Receive your FREE Orthotics.
If you qualify for FREE Ninja Orthotics we will ship them within 48h and we will send you a confirmation email. Yes, we will pay for the shipping too!
Frequently Asked Questions
Is it REALLY free? Or do I have to pay?
There are absolutely NO charges. We're not asking for your credit card details at any point. There's no trial, no subscription, no hidden fees, no shipping fees. We cover all the costs. This is TRULY FREE. 
What's the CATCH? Do I need to do something?
The only thing we ask is that you send us your experience with the Original Samurai Insoles. Sharing your experience will help us improve our products and it will help other customers make a better decision.
What are the CONDITIONS to qualify?
The offer is only valid for customers who purchased Samurai Insoles at full price at or You also need to use Samurai Insoles for at least 15 days before sharing your experience. 
HOW LONG will it take to receive my FREE Ninja Orthotics?
If you qualify for FREE NInja orthotics we will send them within 48h along with a confirmation email.  You will then receive your Ninja Orthotics within 7-10 business days.
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